Functional Medicine for All Scholarship

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IFM is committed to expanding access to functional medicine for all, and that begins with providing more opportunities for practitioners and clinicians. IFM is proud to continue offering the Functional Medicine for All Scholarship. 

The Functional Medicine for All Scholarship is intended for clinicians who are beginning their certification journey and who are currently working with medically underserved communities. This scholarship was created to help foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive field of functional medicine practitioners and patients.  

Broadening access to functional medicine education allows for a wider range of healthcare providers to acquire more tools to improve the health outcomes of their patients and increases the functional medicine expertise in at-risk communities. 

Functional Medicine for All Scholarship serves to:

  • Increase access to functional medicine training and education. 
  • Provide the benefits of functional medicine care to underserved communities. 
  • Improve health outcomes through a personalized, root-cause medicine approach that addresses the social determinants and lifestyle factors that adversely affect health. 
Functional Medicine for All Scholarship Details:

Who is this award for? 

  • Clinicians living/practicing in the United States and internationally  
  • Clinicians beginning their certification journey and who are currently working with medically underserved communities and/or BIPOC practitioners  

Total Awards Given Annually: Varies annually (20 scholarships will be awarded in 2024)
IFM was able to increase the number of scholarship awards this year by the generosity of VoLo Foundation

What the award includes:  

What the award does NOT include:  

  • Any additional CME costs  
  • IFM Membership 
Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for the Functional Medicine for All Scholarship, applicants: 

Applications will open mid-summer 2024.

If you applied, please refer to your confirmation email on the expected date you will hear back from our scholarship team. In the meantime, please reach out to with any questions.

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