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Featured Episode // September 2022
On this episode of Pathways to Well-Being, Dr. Holly Lucille is joining us to discuss the concept of psychobiotics—beneficial probiotic bacteria in the gut that may improve health along the gut-brain axis, as well as mental health outcomes Kalea Wattles, ND.

Most Recent Episodes

Episode 42 // August 2022

The Healing Journey: Connecting to Authentic Self

On this episode of Pathways to Well-Being, Drs. David Jones, Deanna Minich, Joseph Lamb, and Michael Stone discuss the importance of the therapeutic partnership and its role in helping patients sustain lifestyle changes hosted by Kalea Wattles, ND.D

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Episode 41 // July 2022

Streamlining Care With IFM’s Toolkit Resources

Pathways to Well-Being episode with Brandilyn Binstock, ND, and Briana Aspy, PA, on utilizing IFM’s clinical toolkit in practice.

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Episode 40 // June 2022

Fasting, Hormones, and Men’s Sexual Health

Pathways to Well-Being podcast episode with Dr. Mark Holthouse on male hormone imbalances and how fasting and other dietary interventions can improve male sexual health
Episode 39 // May 2022

Utilizing Patient Data in Your Functional Medicine Practice

Pathways to Well-Being episode with Shilpa P. Saxena, MD, on evidence-based practice and how we can collect practice data and leverage that knowledge to increase practice efficiency and streamline effective patient care.
Episode 38 // April 2022

Building the Functional Medicine Evidence Base

Pathways to Well-Being episode with Michelle Beidelschies, PhD, and Nazleen Bharmal, MD, PhD, of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine on building the functional medicine evidence base 

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Episode 37 // March 2022

Functional Fertility, Pregnancy, and Fetal Health 

Pathways to Well-Being episode with Leslie Stone, MD, and Emily Rydbom, CN, HN, CNP, on collaborative and personalized approaches to preconception and pregnancy care.

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Episode 36 // February 2022

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome: The Functional Medicine Approach

Pathways to Well-Being episode with Greg Plotnikoff, MD, on the functional medicine approach to mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS)
Episode 35 // January 2022

Fasting, Sustainable Dietary Change, and Cardiometabolic Health

Pathways to Well-Being episode featuring Elizabeth Boham on sustainable dietary change and cardiometabolic health. 
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Episode 34 // December 2021

The 2021 Functional Medicine Year in Review

An interview with Dan Lukaczer, ND, and Robert Luby, MD, hosted by Kalea Wattles, ND

This episode of Pathways to Well-Being is a review of the most prominent topics and takeaways from the 2021 medical research, including clinical advances and new opportunities for functional medicine care that practitioners should be considering as we head into the new year.

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Episode 33 // October 2021

Endocrine-Disrupting Plastics: Minimizing Health Impacts and Restoring Well-Being

On this episode of Pathways to Well-Being, Tom Malterre, MS, CN, explains the biochemical impacts of endocrine-disrupting plastics and shares insights on supporting the body’s biotransformation processes.
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Episode 32 // September 2021

Stress, Trauma, and Dysbiosis: Connecting the Gut-Brain Axis to Autoimmune Disease

On this episode of Pathways to Well-Being, Keesha Ewers, discusses how psychological trauma and stress may influence gut dysbiosis and autoimmune pathology.
keesha ewers
Episode 31 // August 2021

Optimizing Outcomes: The Benefits of Health Coaching for Patients and Practitioners

On this episode of Pathways to Well-Being, Monique Class, MS, APRN, BC, director of coaching development for the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, discusses the role of health coaching in improving both patient and practitioner outcomes.
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Episode 30 // July 2021

Targeted Healing Inside the Brain: HYLANE Technology for Neuropsychiatric Care

On this episode of Pathways to Well-Being, noted psychiatrist Robert J. Hedaya discusses the innovative HYLANE technology for addressing neuropsychiatric conditions like PTSD or TBI.
Episode 29 // June 2021

Where Does Functional Medicine Go From Here? The 2021 AIC in Review

On this episode of Pathways to Well-Being, James Maskell discusses his top takeways from AIC and what they mean for the future of functional medicine.
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Episode 28 // May 2021

Food Access & Insecurity with Clancy Harrison, MS, RDN

On this episode of Pathways to Well-Being, Clancy Harrison challenges the way food insecurity is approached in the US. and discusses the ways in which she is working to demolish the stigma around healthy food access.
Episode 27 // May 2021

The Fasting-Mimicking Diet: Impacts on Aging and Chronic Disease

On this episode of Pathways of Wellbeing, Dr. Longo discusses the research and mechanisms behind the fasting-mimicking diet and how fasting interventions impact disease risk factors and aging.
Episode 26 // April 2021

Pediatric Allergies, Atopy, & Autoimmunity

In this episode of Pathways to Well-Being, our guest Dr. Julie Buckley will discuss the connection between early childhood development, the atopic triad of eczema, allergies, and asthma, and how these atopic conditions might influence autoimmune development later in life.
Julie Buckley Headshot
Episode 25 // March 2021

Immune System Resilience and the Environment

Susan Haddow, MD, IFMCP, ABOIM, who has worked primarily in underserved populations, shares her clinical experiences in building immune resilience with all kinds of patients and how the environment around us can influence the potential of our immune systems.
Susan Haddow Headshot
Episode 24 // February 2021

Overcoming Barriers to Physical Fitness

Crossfit Games athlete and family physician Julie Foucher, MD, discusses the overall anti-inflammatory effect of moderate bouts of physical activity and how to get patients started on an exercise prescription.
Episode 23 // December 2020

Functional Medicine Hot Topics of 2020

An interview with Dan Lukaczer, ND, and Robert Luby, MD, hosted by Kalea Wattles, ND

A podcast conversation with IFM Director of Medical Education Dan Lukaczer, ND, IFMCP, and IFM Director of Medical Education Initiatives Robert Luby, MD, IFMCP, about some of the top functional medicine hot topics of 2020 and what they mean for your practice.

Dr. Dan Lukaczer HeadshotRobert Luby Headshot
Episode 22 // November 2020

Safely Deprescribing Medications for Your Chronic Disease Patients

An interview with Lara Zakaria, RPh, and Elizabeth Board, MD, on Optimal Deprescribing hosted by Kalea Wattles, ND

In this episode of Pathways to Wellbeing, host Kalea Wattles, ND, discusses lifestyle alternatives to medication therapies and how to appropriately substitute nutrition for prescriptions.

Lara Zakaria, RPh HeadshotElizabeth Board, MD Headshot
Episode 21 // September 2020

Clinician Burnout: Coping from a Personal and Practice Standpoint

Georgia Tetlow, MD, ABOIM, ABPMR,  and Riva Z. Robinson, MD, discuss how burnout manifests in all stages of practice and the critical steps clinicians can take to improve their mental health.

Georgia Tetlow HeadshotRiva Robinson Headshot
Episode 20 // September 2020

The Pediatric Microbiome and Building Healthy Habits

Elizabeth Mumper, MD, discusses the pediatric microbiome and its connection to chronic and atopic illnesses, and immune function.
Elizabeth Mumper Headshot
Episode 19 // August 2020

Health Equity Focus with Arti Chandra, MD, MPH

We welcome Arti Chandra, MD, MPH, who will be discussing the issue of food security and access to healthy foods through community-based programs. Blending her passion for social activism with her background as a functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Chandra has been involved with numerous public health campaigns in the US and internationally, aimed at improving health and vitality through nutrition.
Arti Chandra Headshot
Episode 18 // April 2020

Nathan Price, PhD, on Predictive Biomarkers and Biological Aging

Dr. Price discusses the relationship between the metabolome and the microbiome, as well as the difference between biological aging and chronological aging as it relates to longevity.
Nathan Price Headshot
Episode 17 // April 2020

Fasting Flexibility with Dr. Jason Fung

Dr. Fung shares his knowledge and clinical insights on the downstream benefits of fasting as well as the mechanisms involved. He also expands on the flexibility of fasting strategies and on balancing the feeding and fasting periods for each patient to create the most effective therapeutic treatment.
Jason Fung Headshot
Episode 16 // February 2020

Quality of Life, Iterative Healing, and the Therapeutic Partnership with David Scott Jones, MD

The doctor-patient relationship is a crucial part of the healing process that can significantly impact patient health outcomes and overall quality of life. Improving doctor-patient communication shifts the patient from being a passive agent in their health care to an active one, allowing for equity in the relationship and a more engaged, personalized approach.
David Scott Jones Headshot
Episode 15 // February 2020

The Pediatric Intestinal Microbiome with Liz Mumper, MD, FAAP

IFM Director of Medical Education Dan Lukaczer, ND, recently spoke with Liz Mumper, MD, on the topic of the pediatric intestinal microbiome—particularly how a dysbiotic microbiome in early life may lead to disease.
Elizabeth Mumper Headshot
Episode 14 // February 2020

Toxicants and Inflammatory Markers With Lyn Patrick, ND

Dr. Patrick shares her knowledge and clinical insights on toxicants, as well as on the importance of patient assessment, identifying the body burden, and considering a toxicant’s mechanism in order to implement an effective therapeutic intervention.
Lyn Patrick Headshot
Episode 13 // September 2019

Clinical Applications & Treatments for Neurodegenerative Disease with David Perlmutter, MD

Kristi Hughes, ND, interviews leading neurologist David Perlmutter, MD, about his approach to brain health. “To take a functional medicine approach to neurology has been an absolute game changer. Why?” asks Dr. Perlmutter. “Because suddenly there are a whole host of tools in an otherwise empty toolbox.” Studies continue to find evidence that variations in diet and exercise can have a marked effect on reducing the risk for Alzheimer’s and improving brain performance.
David Perlmutter Headshot
Episode 12 // January 2020

Toxins and Health: An Interview with Joseph Pizzorno, ND

FM Director of Medical Education Dan Lukaczer, ND, spoke with integrative medicine leader Joseph Pizzorno, ND, to discuss toxins, toxicants, and chronic diseases. Dr. Pizzorno shares his clinical insights and discusses his extensive dive into the research literature regarding toxins and toxicants as drivers of disease.
Joseph Pizzorno Headshot
Episode 11 // January 2020

Autoimmune Disorders: Driving Forces, the Inflamed Brain, and Taking the High Road with Samuel Yanuck, DC, FACFN, FIAMA

Dr. Yanuck shares his clinical insights on the importance of discovering drivers of disease, the role of inflammation and the regulation of T-cells, and the idea of “Taking the High Road” in the overall health of patients.
Samuel Yanuck Headshot
Episode 10 // November 2019

The Power of the Process: Creating Positive Outcomes with David Rakel, MD

IFM’s Director of Medical Education, Dan Lukaczer, ND, interviews researcher, educator, and clinician David Rakel, MD, on the power of empathy, compassion, the placebo effect, and the patient story. In particular, they explore how empathy and sympathy can lead to burnout, while compassion can be restorative.
David Rakel Headshot
Episode 09 // October 2019

Video Podcast on Integrated Pain Management at Walter Reed

Mylene Tran Huynh, MD, MPH, is an integrative pain specialist working at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. She uses modifiable lifestyle factors and a range of integrative modalities to help patients suffering from chronic pain.
Mylene Tran Hyunh Headshot
Episode 08 // October 2019

Wisdom on Working with Underserved Populations with Sharad Kohli, MD

Hosted by Robert Luby, MD
IFM’s Director of Medical Education Robert Luby, MD, interviews Sharad Kohli, MD, on the many ways that clinicians can work with the underserved in any setting.
Sharad Kohli Headshot
Episode 07 // August 2019

Estradiol Treatment and Cognitive Decline with Ann Hathaway, MD

IFM’s Dan Lukaczer speaks with Ann Hathaway, MD. Dr. Hathaway has been successfully treating women and men using a functional medicine approach since 1995. Dr. Hathaway is a specialist in the use of bioidentical hormone replacement for menopausal women.
Ann Hathaway Headshot
Episode 06 // July 2019

Terry Wahls, MD, On Being a Physician, Provocateur, and Patient

IFM’s co-founder, Jeffrey Bland, PhD, interviews 2018 Linus Pauling Award Winner Terry Wahls, MD. Dr. Wahls’ professional and health journeys are intertwined, and she describes the impact of functional medicine on multiple sclerosis and on her own life.
Terry Wahls Headshot
Episode 05 // April 2019

A Menu of Strategies for Chronic Pain: Heather Tick, MD, on Nutrition

Throughout her career, Heather Tick, MD, has focused on how to bring relief to patients with many types of pain, especially myofascial pain. As co-founder and director of one of the first interdisciplinary pain centers in Toronto from 1991-2008 to her current role as a clinical associate professor at the University of Washington, Dr. Tick has made a difference for countless chronic pain patients.
Heather Tick Headshot
Episode 04 // April 2019

Addiction & Stress in Young Adults with Dr. Paul Thomas

As a board-certified fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and a certified addiction specialist, Dr. Thomas has helped more than 500 patients—adolescents and young adults—with opioid addiction through medication-assisted therapies at his Fair Start clinic.
Paul Thomas Headshot
Episode 03 // March 2019

Long-Term Recovery from Addiction: Conversation With Dr. Loyd

Dr. Loyd shares his personal story and connects his successful recovery to the social determinants of health. The experience galvanized him to move into addiction treatment and policy work.
Stephen Loyd Headshot
Episode 02 // March 2019

Electrical Therapies, Chronic Pain & the Military with Dr. Hagedorn

Dave Hagedorn, PhD, BCN, a leader in the field of non-invasive brain stimulation research, describes how emotional pain and physical pain are treated similarly in the brain:
David Hagedorn Headshot
Episode 01 // March 2019

Salutogenesis, Integrative Medicine, and More with Dr. Jonas

Dr. Jonas’s focus on integrative health embraces wellness and salutogenesis, helping clinicians expand their practice to include integrative health approaches, even in practice environments in which such change may be difficult.
Wayne Jonas Headshot